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In, you can play a Youtube (or AfreecaTV) video without being spoiled, this is usually relevant for e-sport videos, that is:

How to play a Youtube / AfreecaTV video

You can play a Youtube (or AfreecaTV) video on this site by pasting in the address bar a URL in the form of[id], where [id] is to be replaced by a Youtube (or AfreecaTV) video id, for example:

Video lists

A user can add a video list, which has the form of a comma separated list of Youtube (AfreecaTV) video ids, for example: ZMoN2kxoc0U, Fb6UeSLo3P0, bjeZpoovwEI, 4kv_zaW7ZmI, F_knwJWgQz0
Then when someone plays one of these videos he could navigate through the list with next and previous buttons.
To play a video contained in a video list the URL format is:[video-id]/[list-id].
A video list could contain for example the videos related to a group stage of a tournament. The navigation buttons (next and previous) are hidden so they wouldn't spoil you about the length (number of videos) of a series.

In order to add a video list you need to sign in with a Google account, and for now the video lists added in this site are not public, so you would need a mean to present them to people so they can access them, for example in a forum thread.

Video id format

A Youtube (AfreecaTV) video id may be extended with a timestamp, either when playing a video, for example would start the video in the 2 hours 19 minutes 35 seconds mark, or when adding a video list so for example ks3IdbX7vac@6m36s, ks3IdbX7vac@24m53s, ks3IdbX7vac@35m17s is a valid video list.